That time of year again...already?

Summer really seemed to fly by this year. Now we are in the midst of a rather dreary and damp autumn. I actually really like this weather...it suits Pittsburgh and all of us Yinzers with a propensity towards melancholy. We can stay in bed through an extra snooze button or two, and curse our soggy jeans cuffs after stepping in the inevitable puddles in the crosswalks. Gray weather like this is how Pittsburgh was meant to be experienced, with friends running in from their cars through a steady, cold drizzle to watch a football game. It's about regretting not mowing your lawn one last time while it was sunny and dry a few weeks ago, and peeling layers of colorful, wet leaves off your sidewalk.

M and I finally turned on our boiler this week, so now our house is cozy and warm, and it smells like apple pie. Not from the boiler of course. It smells like pie because I just baked one with some delicious "seconds" Honey Crisp apples that we got from the market yesterday. We also got about 10 small eggplants, collard greens, turnips and sweet potatoes. Not sure what to do with all those eggplants, but the price was too good to pass them up. The farmers are stripping the plants since frost is in the forecast, so there was lots of cheap produce to be had.

And of course, we're Waiting For the Baby. My due date is one week from today. I want to remind everybody that the due date is an approximation of gestational age. My mother went past her due dates by many, many days, so I am mentally prepared for a Halloween baby. Or a November baby. Gulp. I tried to go for a walk today to speed things along, but it started pouring down rain as soon as I had finished the intense struggle of tying my shoes.

Anyway, it will happen. Eventually. In the meantime, I will be right here, taking lots of naps and checking my Facebook page way too often.


Brian said...

Might I recommend: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/baba-ghanoush-with-squash-chips/

Joe said...

Hi Katy,
It doesn't get any better than apple pie. Eric was here this weekend and made pizza for us from scratch. Aunt Donna made carrot, zucchini muffins and stuffed peppers. This morning we teach our 17 four year old's about Noah and the ark. Today is Grandma's birthday, back with Grandpa again. Lisa moved to a new apartment. Life is good.
Love, Uncle Joe

Anonymous said...

I could smell that pie from my desk!!! yum-yum!
Hang in there Kate.

Aunt Laine