The Long Awaited Monkeys

You may have noticed that M and I have been a bit obsessed with monkey themed baby nursery items lately. Originally, we weren't even sure we were going to make a room for the baby. M took on a rather extensive, 4 color, paint job to transform the room that formerly belonged to Pete and Meg, who now have their own lovely house. If you know me, you might think it's rather hilarious how I currently react to teeny tiny baby clothing and nursery decorations. I chalk it up to the hormones. But the monkeys really are cute.

There are a few final touch ups to do...we want to frame some prints, and anchor a bookshelf to the wall, and M has to hang the blinds. It's definitely the most decorated room in the house now, and we have to admit that we are a little jealous of this kid, and vow to do our bedroom next. Thank you to everybody for helping out with putting this nursery together.


Anonymous said...

You guys did a great job with the baby's room. Can't wait to meet the new tenant! Aunt DC

Anonymous said...

Looks so adorable! I am wondering what your room will look like??
Tigers, perhaps bears???? :-)

Aunt Laine

Sam and Susie said...

That is so cute!

Danna said...

The monkey rug really ties the whole room together.