Walking the Walk

Marko is. There is officially a toddler in the house! He's a climber, too. Today I found him gleefully sitting on top of the bed. We had dinner with friends and I watched him walk tentatively across the entire length of their apartment, pausing periodically to squat and regain his balance.

School was finally back in session today, and I visited with some Reading Warriors. It feels good, at this point in the year, to have built real relationships with these teens. I love when they are proud of their work and want to show something off to me. Sometimes they text me photos of themselves reading aloud. They boast about the progress of the little ones they work with.

Some days it feels like I bit off a little too much. Most days, I just want to give them all more. That's how I know I'm walking the walk.


Happy Birthday, Marko!

The kids and I went to Texas to visit my cousins last week. I have tons of good memories of hanging out with them as kids. They lived in the South Hills, which of course felt very far away from the North Hills. (I am a yinzer in that way.) I can remember sitting in traffic in the Liberty Tunnels sometimes. We were always scheming to make the family party last just a little longer. It was fun to pick up where we left off, now with another generation of kids to run around and play with each other. Many thanks to them for hosting us for an entire week and cooking fabulous GF food the entire time. Also, the weather was a welcome reprieve from this winter. It was 65 when we left Houston on Wednesday and 5 when we arrived in Pittsburgh two hours later!

And of course, Marko had his birthday this week. One! He's getting really good at climbing up on furniture and stairs. For the past two months it seemed like he was going to start walking, but he takes a few steps and then drops to all fours. M's sister bought him this dinosaur bike thing for Christmas and he loves riding it, and has all sorts of interesting techniques for propelling himself around the room. I gave up on keeping his clothes organized, because they are in a drawer under his crib and his favorite activity is taking them all out. He also likes the dish towel drawer. He started at daycare at the beginning of the month and seems to really like being with other kids. He also started eating regular food. He went from purees to entire sandwiches in about a week and is back to being nice and round.

It's been an awesome year with him. He's pretty good natured, but strong-willed enough to hold his own with Laurel. Maybe it's the second kid, maybe it's his mellow streak, but the infant stage was way easier and more enjoyable this time. I'm looking forward to watching him learn to walk and talk in the coming year.