Thanks! I think.

This article caught my eye in the PG this morning. I love that our crappy weather and lack of night life is a selling point for the convention center. This economy is crazy!!! Up is down, left is right!! We'll attract corporate retreats and conventions because, ummm...your shareholders and the general public will never criticize you for spending money in Pittsburgh!


Three Young Boys

I was making the rounds at one of my tutoring sites today, when I came across three impish-looking boys eating lunch at one of the tables outside of first grade. My task for today was to snap "action shots" of my tutors, so I had a camera out, which quickly caught their attention.

"Will you take our picture?" one of them asked.

Hmm, I thought. There was probably a reason these little guys weren't eating lunch in the cafeteria with all the other first graders.

"Why is it that you are eating lunch here?" I asked.

They looked at each other. The boy with the chubbiest cheeks looked at his friends and said, "Do you want to tell her? I'll tell her. We ate pills."

He pointed to the boy sitting across the table. "He ate one, and then he told me to eat one. And I did."

"And then I did," the third boy piped in.

They looked very cute. I suppressed a smile and did my best to put a Stern Teacher face on.

"That sounds very serious. You must have gotten in a lot of trouble," I said to them.

"Oh yes, and my mama said that I will get a whoopin' if I ever eat a pill again."

It was so hard not to smile.

"Well," I said, "I have to say that I agree with your mama. I hope you never do it again."

"Oh, no," they all said in unison, "We won't."