Plans for the Weekend (?)

Well, plans in the loosest sense of the word. Our calendar has been emptying out over the last few weeks. I gave away my tutoring clients, ended my office hours on campus, and have been reluctant to commit to any dinner parties and the such.

But here's what I'll be doing this weekend...

1. Resting
2. Walking
3. Going to the Apple Festival
4. Watching the Steelers game
5. Having a baby (?)

I went to yoga last night and spent the entire time sending a meditative message to the baby to come out. We had our midwife appointment today and the baby and I are still very healthy, and no intervention is recommended at this time. They can do something called "sweeping the membranes" next week, if I am starting to get desperate. I'm going to trust that this little one knows when to come out, and I'll just wait for now.

The midwife did guarantee me that I will be pregnant for no longer than 15 more days. Somewhat reassuring. I guess. But later on, not one, but TWO women I know told me that they had their babies on the actual due date. I'm sure my readers are getting tired of these updates that are not really updates. But I can think about nothing else. And I don't have much energy to do anything very interesting.

Anybody have some good ideas for jumpstarting labor?


Joe said...

Aunt Donna and I walked a lot throughout her pregnancies and it sounds like you are already doing that. That apple festival sounds pretty good. I eat an apple a day. My new favorite apple just changed from a fuji to an ambrosia. Honeycrisp is good too but too pricey.
Uncle Joe

superknow said...

A friend of mine had her third baby in May. She was pretty desperate and uncomfortable at the end and her midwife suggested that she have eggs with castor oil in them. She went into labor less than 24 hours later.

Anonymous said...

For those that get bored reading your blog then I say "Don't read it"! I enjoy keeping up with your every move. Exercise is good to relieve anxiety and should help Mother Nature move things along.
Lots of Love to all, Aunt DC

Anonymous said...

Nice hiking socks for the baby :).

I check your blog all the time with the hope of finding a picture of that baby. Come out out little one, it's pretty cool out here!


Anonymous said...

I was shopping at the Northway Mall with Grandma B to buy Logan his first pair of good shoes.. . .I had Lindsey early the next morning with only 4 hours of hard labor. Piece of cake!! Ooops, I guess you have to have another baby before that can happen . . . but I will be happy to take your first child to get a pair of shoes when you go to have your second baby.
All my love,
Aunt Laine