Nothing to do but Cook

As per usual, we got an assortment of delicious greens from the market on Friday. Those that were attached to our turnips got chopped up into little ribbon strips in our new food processor and sauteed with oil and a dash of Liquid Smoke. M was dreaming up some kind of pie to use up the collards, and I ended up using a modified version of the empanada dough from Veganomicon and M sauteed the collards slightly and mixed them with cottage cheese and a little bit of grated asiago. Empanadas, of course, are delicious, but M was disappointed that I tainted his low-fat, vitamin rich with pie dough containing half a cup of butter.

We had leftover filling, so I decided to make it into a quiche tonight, which actually was pretty healthy. I borrowed this idea for a potato crusted quiche from Liz. Ample amounts of vegan pancakes, courtesy of the vegan pancake mix that Rita dropped off last weekend, made a good side dish.

Potato Crust Quiche

For the crust, shred potatoes and drain off the water. I used the food processor, so this took approximately 1 minute to do. Toss them with a tiny bit of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and press into a greased pie plate. Bake at 425 for about 20 minutes. Take it out when it starts to brown and set aside.

You could put whatever vegetable you want in the quiche, but we spread the leftover filling. I highly recommend using low-fat cottage cheese if you are watching your calories and still want something cheesy.

I beat up about 5 eggs and a half a cup of milk and poured this over top of the leftover filling. Cook it at 425 for about 25 minutes until it was firm. Let cool slightly before slicing.


Melissa B said...

Yum! Thanks, Katy!

Anonymous said...

My mouth was watering when I looked at the picture. Yum!
I really like turnips but rarely get the chance to eat them because I don't know many people who eat them. :-(
Oh, well, Happy eating!!
aunt laine