Contacting M & K

How Can We Get in Touch With You?

1: E-mail us.

We'll be able to check from most towns, and will reply. E-mail is best because it doesn't weigh anything and we don't have to go someplace special to pick it up.

2: Call us and leave a message.

No, we are NOT bringing a cell phone on the trail. There are plenty of other hikers in case of emergency, and aside from weighing several ounces and serving as a particularly unpleasant reminder of the fast-paced world such a trip is supposed to remove us from, it'd be impossible to keep the battery charged. What we WILL have access to, though, is our voice mailbox. We'll have the same number and a calling card and will check our messages from town stops (and return your call from there if necessary). This is not the preferred method of contact, as it costs rather a lot to buy calling cards to call the mailbox, and they almost always get you on a connection charge. Leave a message that's short and to the point if you must (or send a lengthy and thoughtful email!).

3: Mail Stuff.

Mail is heavy. If you care to send something that cannot be transmitted in one of the afforementioned ways, please make sure it is useful, light, and/or consumable (if it's to be eaten, be sure it's vegan). Some things that would be useful along the way:

Powdered Soymilk - a staple but somewhat hard to find. This brand is yummy.

Candy - Peanut Chews (red ones only - the blue ones are milky) and Chick-o-sticks are faves.

Clif Bars - these can be kinda pricey but are oh so good, and have many calories for their size. The Oddwalla ones are quite nice, too.

or other useful things. be creative! no glass, please.

The address to mail things to is a little trickier. Our resupply will be done predominately by US Postal Service General Delivery (you can mail things GD to a zip code with a message 'please hold for AT thru-hiker', and they'll keep it for a while 'til you can pick it up). However, where we'll actually be stopping will be at least partially decided from the trail. Get in touch with K's parents for the most up-to-date mailing info, as they'll be hanling our maildrops (resupply).

When will you be in/near [state/town]?

Some folks have indicated that they may want to meet us briefly or even hike a bit with us. Planning around a walker's schedule can be difficult, though. On the map to the right you'll see a series of small flags spaced throughout the length of the trail - if you click on one of these a window will pop up with the name of the town and the estimated date we'll be there. Of course, these dates and times will change, but if you want to know where we'll be in, say, the middle of june, they're a pretty good estimate (we hope). They may or may not be updated as we progress along the trail... depends on how much time we get at the computer, and how much we feel like planning ahead.

If you actually do want to meet us somewhere, use one of the methods described above to get in touch with us closer to the time in question.

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