Two Down, One to Go

I have all the work for two classes done and just one left to go. My last class is meeting on Thursday, and my graduation ceremony is two Saturdays from now. I didn't go to the commencement for my undergrad degree, but I'm planning to go to the School of Ed ceremony this time. I'm really proud of myself for pursuing this degree, and most especially finishing it six months after Laurel arrived. It's been a lot to juggle, but I'm glad I pushed through and finished it. I'm especially grateful to have had the opportunity to be a Graduate Student Assistant, because it's nice to finish without any more debt.

Now...what should I do next?


Anonymous said...

I'm very proud of you, too. I think I speak for all your aunts and uncles, not to mention your parents.

Love, Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

Congrats Katy!!!!!
Now what???? Your pretty good at motherhood........oh, and writing, of course!!
aunt laine

Joe said...

Elementary, my dear Dr. Frey, elementary. Now go for your PhD. Like Aunt Mary.
Uncle Joe

Grandma B said...

I have been enjoying the flip side of your completion of your Masters....watching little Laurel Norine. Congratulations, Katy, I am especially proud of your many successes...your marriage to Mark, your little Laurel, your completion of the AT hike, your purchase of a home and of course, this next step in your education. C U at graduation! Much love, Mum