Superstitions and Graduation

You know I can't blog that Laurel is sleeping well because that would likely lead to immediate sleep regression. It's like drinking Canadian beer during a playoff run against the Canadiens. Or cutting off your playoff beard prematurely. Even if you have a job interview. So, I'll just tell you that she's not sleeping poorly. Wink, wink.

Thank you to everybody for the words of congratulations about my graduation. We went to the ceremony yesterday, and I was so glad to have my family there. Even Danna was able to come since she's in town this week! It was just a little bit too long (as graduations tend to be) and a little bit too hot and the fire alarm went off as they were reading off the names for the first class. However, it turned out to be nothing and all in all it was a nice event.

Here are some pictures from the day, including some adorable shots of Laurel (before she peed all over her Pitt cheerleader outfit).

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Anonymous said...

You're right. They are pretty adorable pictures. Both baby and mom (and aunt and grandma). Laurel seems always very alert and observant. I bet she's proud of her mom.

Love, Aunt Mary