The Plague Has Lifted

What happens when the whole family gets sick? Well, you hunker down on the couch, tissues and buckets and tea within reach, and get plenty of toys for the baby and let her wiggle in the middle, and you lie around for a week until you feel better.

We're feeling better now. It's windy and cold and gray in Pittsburgh today. I like the last cold days of spring, especially when they happen after some warm days. It gives you a chance to remember the nice things about being snug and warm inside a house.

I'm doing some final revisions on my thesis, and writing up end-of-semester reports. Mark is cranking out homework and final projects. Laurel is flipping over onto her belly, although she inexplicably forgot how to roll back, even though she learned how to do that about 2 months ago. So now she grunts and kicks her legs like crazy and eventually cries until you roll her back over.

I missed mom group on Friday, which was the worst part of getting sick for me, except maybe that we passed our illness on to the Grandmas, who both came to take care of us. Two weeks left in the semester. I have to pack up my office at America Reads, which will be strange. I worked there for 6 years once before, and now I've been there another 2 years again. It's time to close that chapter once and for all. Pass the torch.

May will be here before we know it. When that happens, I'll have no work or school obligations. And no paycheck. Mark advises me to take things slow...wait and see what opportunities crop up. I'm a do-er by nature, so this is very hard for me. But I think he's right. No rushing into the first job that comes up. I think if I'm patient, a very good opportunity will come my way.

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