Happy Birthday, Laurel!

Today is Laurel's 5 month birthday! I dressed her up and paraded her around the neighborhood in the stroller. I was hoping that lots of people would stop us and give us compliments, but there were very few people in the park. Then we did a photo shoot in the back yard. Naturally she was smiling the whole time, except when I pulled the camera out. I think she wanted to send our readers a message. Something like, "I am thinking about something very serious." or "Stop messing with me."

Besides finally getting some chub on her legs, Laurel is also cutting some teeth. So far there are two, razor sharp teeth in her bottom middle gum. She doesn't seem terribly distraught over it, but will chew on anything she can get her hands on. We have a stash of pacifiers and chew toys in the freezer for her. We're still in the experimental stage with food, but I tried again with some banana this morning and she really seems to object to the texture of it (just like Danna!). She's pretty efficient at flipping over from tummy to back (she hates being on her tummy), and has started to roll the other way if there's something in her crib that she is reaching for. She also really likes to suck her toes and has figured out how to rip open the velcro on her diaper covers (uh-oh). She is incredibly animated for a little baby, and people often comment on how alert she is. Her little legs and arms are constantly in motion, except when she's asleep.

She started noticing other babies and also our cat, Rosie. (Rosie is not a huge fan of Laurel yet, but I'm sure they will be better friends when Laurel's gross motor skills improve and she stops swatting at Rosie anytime she gets within range.)

I can't believe we have a five month old!


Heather said...

Happy 5 Month Birthday!!!! Danna and Laurel are right - the texture of them makes bananas impossible to eat.

Aunt Mary said...

I like bananas, but to each her own. I thought Laurel looked a little like Danna, but I didn't imagine she would not like "mash-y" foods. Maybe you could make baby smoothies?
My yoga teacher always tells us that we should observe babies to learn movement. We practice turning over like babies, sitting up like babies, and so on. If we could have a short video or two (one of L turning in each direction) as a model, my class would really love it. Do you think that's possible? Love, Aunt Mary

Heather said...

Aunt Mary,

Eric would eat bananas for every meal if he could. I can't even watch someone else eat a banana, ever since I was a kid. When I bring my future babies to visit you, you can introduce them to bananas...I'll be in the other room :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of bananas alone. I prefer them in a smoothie made by Aunt Mary. Yum!
great aunt laine