Everything seems to be in order....

...for my graduation next week! I had to go to Kinko's today and get my thesis printed out and spiral bound. Laurel slept soundly in her car seat while we were waiting (I think the copiers lulled her to sleep). But she woke up yelling right as the guy was handing me my change. Laurel seems deeply disturbed each time she wakes up and doesn't recognize her surroundings. She got over it, and we went to the bookstore, where I bought myself a knitting book and got "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" for Laurel.

I still have a lot of loose ends to tie up with America Reads. But I'm officially done with my student responsibilities!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Again, congratulations.
Maybe Laurel needs to spend more time waking up at Grandmas or maybe one of her many Aunts houses so she isn't so scared!
Aunt DC

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Katy! You're incredible!