Entertaining Guests

That's what we did this weekend...entertained guests. And also, the guests were very entertaining to Laurel. My Uncle Joe is a devoted reader of the blog, and I am delighted to feature his visit in this post. Here he is working his "Great Uncle" magic with Laurel, who was rather fussy during their visit (we later figured out she was working on a cold). Aunt Donna and Grandma Mazza also came to visit, and they also took turns cuddling with Laurel.

Uncle Joe is famous for his precise itineraries, when he is traveling, as well as his extremely consistent routines when at home. M and I always knew exactly what we could expect when we visited them in Texas. We are pretty much the opposite in this respect, so we always found it novel and fun. Like tonight, for instance, it is 8:56 pm and we have not eaten dinner yet. I am certain that if Uncle Joe and Aunt Donna were at home, they would have eaten dinner, watched tv for one hour and taken a walk with their dogs by now. Anyway, we had a spirited discussion about Mother's Oats, learned about Heather's exciting new adventure in foster parenting, and caught up on all the latest news from Texas. Uncle Joe, you should post your recipe for oatmeal cookies in the comments section, since I have forgotten it. We had a great time with their visit, and were so happy to introduce Laurel to even more of her relatives.

Laurel's cold got a lot worse so we spent the day at home today, trying to distract her and keep the snots flowing.


Anonymous said...

The Moby really gives perspective on how big she's gotten. Crazy!


Joe said...

Hi Katy,
I've been sequestered at the Airport Marriott in meetings all week and finally had a chance to read your blog. I really enjoyed our visit and your rendition of it. I'm writing this from your mom's computer. The Mother's Oats cookie recipe is on the inner lid of the box and we make the following substitutions; whole wheat flour, egg whites only, olive oil, and baking splenda for the white sugar. I also add a tablespoon of nutty peanut butter. They are in big demand in our house.
Uncle Joe