Update on M

We had a little mishap at our house yesterday while M was moving a washing machine into our basement. Basically his hand got caught under the machine and was sort of crushed/scraped against the ground.

We were reminded of how truly blessed we are to have friends and family around. Grandparents flocked from all corners of the city to watch Laurel. Stan and Laura dropped what they were doing and came over to finish moving the washing machine into the basement. Matt and Loren took M to the emergency department and stayed with him until I was able to get there. We are really, really grateful for the help.

The injury, while gruesome-looking (sorry for that Facebook photo, folks), is not terribly serious and M should recover full function of his hand. A plastic surgeon stitched him up, and we'll go back to have it looked at next week. In the meantime, he's going to have to take it a little easy. I'm sure he won't have any trouble giving up changing diapers, but his sourdough bread obsession may have to be put on hold for a couple of weeks until he can mix and knead again.

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