On the Road

I wish I had a camera. Or rather, someone to use the camera I have to take a picture of Laurel and me. She's fast asleep in the Baby Bjorn and looking quite angelic. We're staying with M's Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Tom in Maryland for the weekend. Yesterday she met her great-grandma, and today she'll meet more aunts and uncles and cousins. Everyone else has gone out shopping and the house is dark and quiet.

This is only our second overnight trip with Laurel. I didn't want to be one of those new parents who carts around two tons of baby gear just for the weekend, but in my zest for minimalism, I may have crossed the line into "woefully unprepared." Mainly, I forgot how much she spits up, pees on herself, and drools. And I also packed disposible diapers, but we are kind of tearing through those, too. Luckily, most of this can be fixed by running a load of laundry and a trip to the drugstore.

Laurel was quite unhappy last night and howled for several hours. She ended up in bed with us, cuddled up close. I think she misses her monkeys. Or she's teething. Or she's distracted by the new environment. Or, it could have been that we excited her too much by tickling her when we put her pajamas on. It was very hard to resist tickling, because she started laughing last night. I've been waiting and waiting for this, because Laurel's friend Kai started laughing a while ago and it was so very cute. In any event, I think we're going to have a no tickling past 6 pm rule.

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