My dad hosted an impromptu dinner over the weekend and you know we never turn down a dinner invite from my dad...his food is way too delicious. We hung out around the dining room table and talked for hours - even Laurel, who loved sitting on Uncle Pete's lap. Yesterday, Megan came down and hung out with Laurel and I for a while. I am already counting the days until the Pittsburgh Marathon because my sister will be back in town for that. And my mom is coming to babysit tomorrow. Last Friday Grandma "Cake" (aka Mark's mom) came over to watch Laurel while we went out for Jason's birthday. And today, Laurel and I are taking a mini road trip to Rices Landing to visit her oldest living relatives. This weekend, we'll take a longer road trip to visit the Manzi clan in Maryland. Whew, that's a lot of family!

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