A new season...

One of my favorite things about Pittsburgh is that there's always a really crappy winter, and just when you think you can't take it anymore..spring comes! My mom's neighbor gave us her old jogging stroller, and Laurel and I have been all around the neighborhood. Today I went down into the ravine in the park, which of course means, I had to then push the stroller up out of the ravine (that's a workout!). I got my first pang of she's-growing-up-so-fast when I felt the telltale bump on her lower gum...before I know it her adorable toothless grin will be gone.

Waking up to her smiling face is the best alarm clock in the world. She is curious about everything, especially food, and she loves to bring a glass to her lips with a little help, although all she does is lick it. Bath time is an adventure now that she kicks and splashes so much.

And, oh yeah, the laughing. We made her laugh one time a few weeks ago. Then she wouldn't do it again. My friend Sarah was watching her a few weeks ago and made her laugh. I was feeling a little insecure about that, especially after I tried doing exactly what Sarah does and it didn't work. Finally, M and I figured out that everybody has their own special sound/move to make babies laugh. When we did Sarah's thing, Laurel would just kind of look at us like we were crazy. M discovered that his special sound is "wheeeee" (yes, I know that just made you smile thinking about M going "wheeee"). And I pretend to eat her toes while tickling her ribs. There's a lot of laughing going on by all of us, these days.

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