Shout Out to Habitual Hiker! And other business....

Hello Habitual Hiker! My Aunt Mary saw you at your wildflower talk. Greetings from hikers never fail to warm my heart, and infect me with the slightest touch of Springer Fever. First Wife sent a brief, but much needed message the other day. And rumor has it that Flick may be passing through Pennsylvania some time this month on his return trip from the most insane bicycle tour ever. Seriously. He and his new wife biked 5,000 miles through sub-Saharan Africa. It is really making me want to go to Trail Days this year.

Hopeful thru-hikers are leaving from Springer Mountain, GA right about now, and not that any of them are asking me for advice, but I will give it. Hike your own hike. Do not fret about your gear. And just keep walking. And enjoy it...even aching feet and days without showers will be fondly remembered some day.

Funny, the advice for new parents is pretty much the same. Follow your own parenting style. Don't worry about the crap Babies-R-Us says you need. And just take it day by day. And enjoy it...even sleepless nights and poop-splosions will be fondly remembered some day.

In other business...I know some of you are anxious to get some new pictures of Laurel. And we have some great ones! I am busy writing my comprehensive exams this week (I hope to graduate in April), but I will post some new stuff soon!

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Anonymous said...

How did you do all that work to complete your Masters while taking care of Laurel and not getting enough sleep? You are outstanding!

Take your time with the pictures. The professor says your studies come first. How are you going to celebrate your graduation?

I'm hoping to see another Leonard Atkins presentation tonight, this time on his new book, a history of the Appalachian Trail. Love, Aunt Mary