A Little Laurel Love For You


Anonymous said...

Well, I am enchanted!

Pete and Megan are at the Phish concert, and Sadie, Lucy and I are snuggled up at home. We all enjoyed the snow we had here today. When Laurel wants to get on the road, you are all welcome in Charlottesville. Love, Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

Baby Laurel is keeping me from my work and what a great distraction!
Love Aunt DC

Anonymous said...

AWESOME VIDEO!!She is beautiful!
Keep up the good work, Mom & Dad.
Its worth it.
Aunt Laine

liz eckel-hare said...

wow. she is really cute. are they supposed to be that cute when they're that young?

k said...

Yes, they have to be that cute. Because otherwise their demanding nature would make them very unappealing creatures. I erased the video of her peeing on me and the one of her crying for 45 minutes straight. Just kidding.