Laurel at Four Weeks

Rosie the Cat looks on as Laurel enjoys some time in her bouncy chair. We have yet to take advantage of the "calming vibrations" setting of this chair, although I think Laurel would enjoy it. The chair, like many pieces of baby equipment, requires a D battery, and who keeps those around?

At four weeks, Laurel is starting to stay awake a little more. Up to this point, she had only two settings: Deeply Content and I need something RIGHT NOW! Now, she has an interim setting, which I call, I don't mind chilling here while my mom goes to the bathroom.

She has started smiling. She loves to look at her monkey mobile. She continues to need a lot of snuggling. She'll sleep a good 4 hours at a stretch at night. She does this thing where she pees after you take off her diaper, and then looks real happy about it. For a girl, she has amazing range for her pee.

I think because I am with her literally every moment of every day, I haven't noticed how much she's changing. When I think about her being here for four weeks, it doesn't seem real. (Maybe because I haven't slept in four weeks.) But, she's no longer curled up in a fetal position all the time. Her face looks fuller. I think she has more hair. And as she sits there, quietly smiling at me from her little chair while I type this, I think she's about to get a lot more fun.


Anonymous said...

I love that little face. I can understand Rosie's fascination. It's very nice to be able to share in watching her change from week to week. Here's a virtual smile back to her -- and her parents. Love from Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

M and K,
Laurel just gets more beautiful every day!
Love, Aunt DC