Laurel Can Sleep in so Many Different Ways

And yet, she finds the hours between 1 am and 4 am to be so unsuitable for sleeping.

Here she is lounging in her crib (during the day of course). Can I get you a drink, Laurel? How about an extra beach towel?

Here she is swaddled up in the "Miracle Blanket". This was not all that effective last night, since all she wanted to do was cuddle up next to me and nurse. All. Night. Long. I think she may be hitting another growth spurt, so I am the 24 hour Snack Bar. Maybe she'll finally get some baby fat on her little legs as a result of all this eating.


Anonymous said...

I think I'm having Deja vu.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, that face!

so cute.


Anonymous said...

What a smart little girl! She already has her priorities straight.

Aunt Mary

Danna said...

Ha Ha. Your baby definitely takes after me. I, too, feel as though I should be able to lounge around and have some serve me.

~Aunt Danna

Anonymous said...

I can't stop looking at that picture of Laurel "lounging". I love it. You can tell she has you wrapped around her little fingers!
Aunt Laine