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Well, we're back to the daily grind. I am continuing to temp at the University of Pittsburgh, and I listened to 45, that's right, 45 minutes of voicemail this morning, and it was ALL the same question. Oh well, at least I have a nice view from the top of the Cathedral of Learning.

M continues to cook like crazy and study for the LSAT. We have added 3 bean Dal and Chipotle Chili to our meal selection.

Congrats to Matt and Loren, who got engaged on Christmas Day.

Greetings to my sister, whom I miss already, since she flew back to California over the weekend. We had a marvelous visit. Greetings to the Butlers, also in California and a get well soon wish for Jaeger.

Thanks to Tony and Rita, who threw a killer party on New Year's Eve complete with food, drink, dancing and a toasty fire on the porch. We rang in the new year with joy.

Reality is setting in...it is now 2007, the year that we will hike the Appalachian Trail! We will actually be leaving Pittsburgh in about 6 weeks. That doesn't seem like much time at all. So far, it has been a very mild winter in the East, and we are crossing our fingers that it will stay that way, although if it doesn't, I have my 10 degree sleeping bag and fleece jacket to stay warm.

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Heather said...

It will be fun to track you guys as you hike the trail! Good luck on the LSAT Mark!!!