Holiday Memories

My family is somewhat obsessed with traditions, especially during the holiday season. We have an artificial mistletoe with a strange little elf sitting on top that must be at least forty years old. The angel that sits atop the Christmas tree is the first and only tree-topper my parents have ever owned, and blinks in a hypnotizing pattern that seems different every year. As much as we embrace decades-old traditions, we are equally willing to start new ones.

During the past couple of years, my three youngest cousins have come over to our house on December 23rd to spend the night. It gives my aunt and uncle a chance to finish up some last minute things, and it brings a certain youthful enthusiasm for the season into our house. Generally, we bake cookies, decorate the tree, hang lights outside and play games. All amidst spontaneous outbursts of holiday songs. Have a holly, jolly Christmas....! Chestnuts roasting on the open fire.... You get the idea. I thoroughly enjoy it.

Now that my siblings and I are adults, we don't often find ourselves in the same city anymore, but they are truly among my most favorite people and it was great to be together this Christmas. This photo was taken before we wenet down the hill to the Thunderbird. Lucy, in the middle, is much cuter in person than in this picture.

And of course, the holidays are never complete without hats on animals. Rosie was cooperative for a few minutes with this hat on, but it didn't last. She kept walking backwards, as if that would get it off her head. A funny sight to see, for sure.

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