FAQ is Forthcoming

Greetings, all!

K and I have been working on some new posts over the last couple of days that seek to answer some of the commonly-asked questions regarding our Appalachian Trail thru hike. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will be divided into several posts, and the questions and answers will be linked for navigation in the sidebar at right. One thing we DO need, though, is your help: What do you want to know? Here's a list of the Questions so far:

  • What is this AT thing anyhow?
  • How Far Is It?
  • How Long Will It Take?
  • How Far Do You Have To Walk Each Day?
  • Won't Your Feet Hurt?
  • Where Will you Sleep?
  • What are you Carrying and How Much Does It Weigh?
  • What Will You Eat?
  • How Will You Cook It?
  • Aren't You Scared of Bears / the Dark / Weather / Bad People (are you carrying a gun)?
  • How Can We Get in Touch With You?
  • When will you be in/near [state/town]?
And so, Friends, Family, and random Web Readers, please comment! We'll try to add your questions (and our answers) as the posting commences...


aunt laine said...

Whatever happened to b-hippo?
Will he be on this trek with you?

Heather said...

No one commented yet?!?! I don't have any questions to add - looks like you already hit everything I'm wondering about with your list. Although...I do have a question you won't be able to answer yet. What is it like to ride on a train? I can't wait to hear all about that part! And see pictures! I always imagine train rides like the picture in the book Polar Express where all the children are on their way to see Santa.

And how is that duck?

m said...

Laine - See here: http://whathasbecomeofmandk.blogspot.com/2007/01/return-of-hippo.html

Heather - We'll certainly post about the train. I'm really excited too, hard to believe I've never been on one. My hopes aren't too high, though, as I ahve a sneaking suspicion it may just be a bus on a track...