Things I Love

I love Marks.
Thunder rumbled all evening so Laurel skipped the "falling asleep in her own bed" part of the night and we all piled into our bed early. In the morning, when I was nursing Mark O in bed, Laurel poked her hand out from under the covers and grabbed his and my heart skipped a beat over the cuteness of that gesture.

I love the way her hair spills over her shoulders in the morning. I love the possibility of the new day, even when the previous day was filled with disagreements. We couldn't seem to make it further than the front porch, even though we had plans that I thought would be fun.

I love having the means to buy food that nourishes and heals my body, which is a better way of saying I have to do the elimination diet again. Goodbye nuts, dairy, soy, grains, beans, citrus and nightshades. I love you, but I have to figure out which one of you does not love me.

I love three year olds that ask hard questions and force you to give them good answers.

I love looking out my office window and seeing all the bright green of leaves unfurling on the trees. I love packing away my knee-length down coat and getting out the flip flops.


Anonymous said...

When I retire, I coud be your nanny. My name is even Mary, like Mary Poppins.

Aunt M.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog.