SAHM Fun: Crumbs, Ponies and Snow

Sometimes I scroll through my Instagram history and wonder what people who only know me from that feed think about my life. It does a great job of capturing the soft evening light from our walks home through the park. The art projects. Faces grinning over ice cream sundaes.

The crumbs? The laundry? The tantrums? Not so much. I do not Instagram Laurel watching 5 episodes in a row of My Little Ponies while I collapse in a heap on the couch and stare at the laundry begging to be folded. It's not pretty, even with the Walden filter.

So here is how we're trying to roll these days. I'm working part-time two days a week and Laurel goes to daycare. We hang out on the other days and I play Stay At Home Mom. Mark O hangs with me all the time right now because he is awesome like that and does not mind if I work so long as I feed him with some regularity. Of course, Staying at Home does not mean literally staying at home because we would all go bonkers and I am of the mindset that children sleep much better when they walk at least a mile or two a day. Yesterday I dragged us all to the zoo. Today to Highland Park. Both days Laurel said, "Where are all the kids?" because it was like 25 degrees and snowing and probably all the experienced Stay at Home Moms were hanging out indoors. It was mostly worth it though because we got to see baby lemurs at the zoo. You really can't beat baby lemurs.

Last week we had a visit from my friend Leah and her son, who I am dying to show you pictures of (OMG, the smile....), but he is internet shy. Leah is the kind of visitor who shows up and holds your babies and cooks you dinner and is very understanding of crumbs and tantrums. It was awesome to watch Laurel play with a slightly older baby. I felt like I got a sneak peak of how my kids will interact once Mark O is awake more and not so floppy.

Lots more to say, but baby is crying and I really do need to cut off the My Little Ponies at some point.


Anonymous said...

We do enjoy following your adventures and realize that "real life" is not all fun and roses! We look forward to the next episode!
Aunt DC

Anonymous said...

We had such a nice time visiting--and adding to the crumbs. Thanks for the shout out :). To clarify, Levi isn't so much internet shy as facebook shy...