Why am I pumping in my car?! And other working mom thoughts....

  1. There should be more public places to breastfeed and pump. And by public, I mean places I can access in public that are not visible to you. Can someone make an app for that?
  2. Dropbox and google video have allowed me to do practically all of my work from home and I am so, so happy about this technology.
  3. Yes, it is ok to type emails one-handed on your iPhone while you are feeding the baby at 3am.
  4. I like the fact that Laurel and Mark O can see M and I working and volunteering. They know that our existence is dependent on more than just what happens in our home.
  5. Breastfeeding moms need to drink a gallon of water a day. That is a lot of water.
  6. I have been cleared to exercise by my midwife, but have no idea when or how to fit that into my life. 
  7. As long as I prioritize sleep, everything else is doable.
  8. Story time before bed remains my favorite part of the day. Laurel is still really into Norse and Greek myths. She also picks a book for us to read to the baby.
  9. Clear communication remains the key to marital happiness, and also continues to elude me on a regular basis. (Who's picking up Laurel from daycare? Where is the car? Will somebody please file the business taxes!!)
  10. We could really use an extra day in between Wednesday and Thursday. Or a time machine that would stop all the rest of you while I catch up.

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