Stolen Moments of Calm

Dinner is ready and waiting to be served. The baby is fed. My mom is at my house playing with Laurel.  We're waiting for my dad and M to get here. Everyone seems happy; there is a calm vibe flowing through the whole house.

I sneak upstairs with a half glass of the bottle of wine that Sarah left at my house last night and enjoy the last rays of the afternoon sunshine streaming into my bedroom window. I read a letter from a friend who lives in San Diego. I breathe deeply and slowly. I do not think about tomorrow or next week or next year. I don't think about much of anything at all.

If you are a mom and you do not steal moments like this for yourself, then you may never get them. I try to plan nights out and yoga classes and time for writing poetry and origami, but sometimes life has other plans and someone is late or a kid is sick. Nobody's to blame, it just doesn't happen.

So I have this moment in the sun.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious.