I will never get everything done

We stayed up too late.

Fight the power, Mark O!
When I got home from the neighborhood association meeting, Mark O wanted lots of cuddles from me. He's very tolerant when I leave him, and will happily take a bottle. (Best baby, ever!!) After a few hours, though, he's looking around for me and when I get back he wants me to hold him. He was watching M brew up some lotion in the kitchen (because you definitely do not want to pull out essential oils while the 3 year old is awake). After that was done, we had to get our tax papers in order, because I had scheduled an appointment for today. By the time we finished, it was 12:30. Turns out, I had to cancel the appointment anyway because Laurel is sick. Now she's watching "100 my little ponies shows!" as she put it, and I am spraying lysol on everything. Mark O is not sick, but I did wait too long to change his diaper this morning and we had one of those famous newborn blow outs. On my bed. He also spit up all over my bed. Not cool, Mark O.

Anyway. Today was supposed to be a day of great productivity, but we woke up late (parents do not adjust well to daylight savings time), and I have both kids at home. Even though both are being really mellow and I probably could work, I am distracting myself by cooking a pot of beans and doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom and writing this blog post. Some of which is pretty important work in itself, just not paid work. However, I did just make $20 by doing a phone survey for this dental study Mark O and I are in, so I feel ok about the day so far.

Why do I not feel like I'm doing anything important unless I am making money? And why is everything in the world on my to do list?


k said...

Mark O smiled at me! So I definitely feel like today was a success, even if I didn't finish what I wanted to for work. Now, he's cooing and trying to get my attention so I'll look at him again. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

One of many smiles to follow, no doubt. What a lucky infant! Great parents, great big sister, no wonder he is smiling.

What is that knitted baby sack you have him in? It looks very comfy and practical, like a large Christmas stocking. A baby sock.

Aunt Mary

k said...

My very talented neighbor Marlene knits us all kinds of goodies. She made us three different buntings, which are basically sacks that you put the baby in.