Wrong Side of the Bed

Every day I try to remember not to tell Laurel to go to the bathroom before we go downstairs for breakfast. It really pisses her off for some reason. And then there is a giant argument, tears, insistance that we carry her, that everything is wrong, that she does "not like what you are saying." Even after I rescind my very reasonable advice that one should empty one's bladder upon waking, it's too late. She's already over the edge.

The last two days, she protested a lot over her one waffle. She wanted two. She never eats two. I must admit, I'm a little less stingy with the foods I don't care for so much, but I love waffles. Especially $5 a box gluten free waffles. "You can have another one, if you finish that one," I say, and think about how much that makes me sound like a mom. She never finishes even one waffle. She eats all the bites that have jelly on them, but leaves the naked edge pieces.

The moods shift quickly. This morning, M made the mistake of suggesting a morning potty visit. After much ado, Laurel went into the bathroom to pee anyway, and said, "I have tears! Why do I have tears?"

Um, because you were freaking out for like ten minutes. For no apparent reason. Again.

I wonder if we are supposed to parent this out of her, or if it's just another phase she'll grow out of.

I wonder if other people have nutty 3 year olds living in their houses.

I wonder if everyone was like this when they were 3, even people like Barack Obama. Or Mother Theresa.


Anonymous said...

I have tears. Why do I have tears?

Katy, I know that it can't be all awesome, but you really make me want a three year old.


eatthecookie said...

what an adorable picture of her and m. she is a doll. all 3 year olds are nutty. NUTTY! it is character development!

do you have a waffle maker? i have some really great gluten free recipes for you... pumpkin waffles, banana waffles, sweet potato waffles...

k said...

Hoping for a waffle maker from Santa!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that infected tooth was interfering with Laurel's normal good humor. Now you will be back to full sunshine.