Listening to My Heart

She pauses one afternoon while we are playing and shouts, "My heart is beating!"
As if surprised, and looking for reassurance from me.
What is it like to realize for the first time that a small muscle in your chest is keeping rhythm?
What is it like to live a life where so much of your experience is Realizing For the First Time?
I press her small palm against my chest and the room becomes suddenly still.
"Your heart is beating" she tells me, in a quiet voice.
The cars rumble outside, the washing machine shifts to the rinse cycle in the basement, but
For a moment, we lock eyes and feel each other's hearts.
And then she leaps up and pulls out another block from the box, and chatters on about the castle she is building.
Like all especially magical moments of childhood, it is fleeting and soon to be forgotten.
By all but the mothers.


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Betty Giles said...

K, has she heard the baby's heartbeat? You are making me feel regret that I didn't write all those words that my boys spoke so many years ago. Sadly, we only remember for awhile. I hope you put these entries where time won't erase them. And again, thank you for sharing Laurel with us.

Anonymous said...

I love those two hearts.

A poem in prose. aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

How magical it will be when she feels her brothers heartbeat for the first time.
Aunt DC