I Got Nothin'

I goofed up today. Do you want to hear about it? I made an appointment to have the car inspected, but didn't have the proper registration card. Turns out we had mixed up the registration for the Airstream with the registration for the car. There was nothing to be done, except reschedule and look for the card. We couldn't find it, so then I had to go to the AAA office and order a new one. Forty-one dollars and many, many hours later, and I have nothing to show for my day. Nothing to check off my list. Only things I had to do because I wasn't careful the first go-around.

The day wasn't lost, but I ditched the rest of it. I came to the library and picked out books for Laurel and me. M has a late meeting tonight and I had the notion that Laurel and I would get into our pajamas early and read a hundred books while tucked cozily in bed and sipping warm milk.

We don't have any milk, though. And it somehow seems complicated to walk into the grocery store and get some. We have too many greens in the fridge anyway. No room. Yesterday was our last CSA pick up and we were inundated with spinach, arugula, chard and kale.

It is much more fun to write about jaunts in the park with Laurel. To snap pictures of sun beams framing her head. To gush over the absolutely amazing salad dressing M whipped up for lunch today. To capture an Instagram-worthy life.

But instead, there is nothing worth photographing today. Even my magical iPhone can't fix this ugly fluorescent light or the stains on my shirts. There are undercurrents of uncertainty swirling about. (Forget small business life, who can be certain of anything with fiscal cliffs looming?) The kitchen floor has an unacceptable amount of crumbs coating it. We still don't have a working bathroom sink.

I started a half a dozen blog entries on all sorts of interesting topics. School report cards. And more Parker Palmer stuff. And a roundup of quotes that I got when I asked some friends and clients how they pick schools and childcare. Fabulous stuff. But it all fell flat.

Today, I got nothin'.

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