Life has, as it tends to do from time to time, gotten away from us a bit. Today we took some time out to go to Hartwood Acres and listen to a concert and hang out with friends and family. (Josh Ritter played and was amazing. Very fun.) This photo is of Laurel playing with this long piece of cloth that M and I got when we went to Uganda. She spent a good half hour dragging it around, laying on it, laying under it. I've been experimenting with carrying her on my back with it. It's a bit long for a wrap, but one I get her in, it is really comfortable even though she's close to 25 pounds now. She slept on my back for a while at the show. If I could have only one piece of baby equipment, it would definitely be a long piece of cloth.

It's amazing what sitting in a field, listening to music and hanging out with good people can do for your psyche.


Grandma B said...

Oh, Uganda, I remember that trip quite well. You and Mark were tremendous assets on our mission team. Love, Mum

Anonymous said...

Amen!! My child.