Playground Fun

Yesterday we met Sarah and Kai at the playground in the late afternoon. It was an impromptu playdate...but in the car on the way, Laurel kept saying "Kai!" They actually seemed excited to see each other and they are definitely starting to say each other's names. One image I have stuck in my head is when a helicopter went by and both of them spotted it. Two little blond heads, bobbing as they raced along the fence, pointing at the sky and shouting, looking back at us every so often to make sure we were equally excited. It was hard not to be.

On my way to drop Laurel off today I saw a group of four kids, elementary aged, presumably walking to school, as they were carrying backpacks. All of a sudden, I saw all four bend down and start pointing and shouting and peering at something in the high grass next to a tree in the easement between the sidewalk and street. I have no idea what was in that grass, but their excitement was contagious.

This is my litmus test for a good day. Did we see something interesting? Did I pause to give Laurel enough time to process her observations? Did I see something in a new light?

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