Great American Backyard Camp Out

We camped out to celebrate this event. We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs, had a campfire, went on very short hikes around the yard, looked at bugs, played with a carnival fish pond game my mom had, and after a somewhat restful night in our tent, ate blueberry pancakes around the fire pit. It was fun, and now my hair smells like campfire smoke, and Laurel is conked out for a nap since she stayed up until ten o'clock, babbling to herself in the tent and rolling around in her sleeping bag. Sarah and Jeremy and Kai camped, too. The funniest part of the whole trip was when we pitched the tents and Laurel and Kai were jumping around in ours, which had not been staked yet, and they managed to roll it over down the hill. When I went in to fish them out, they were giggling hysterically.

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