All the little things....

It's the first day of summer vacation. Sort of. I have an IEP meeting to schedule this week and some paperwork to write and tutoring clients to prepare for. Since we already paid for daycare for the whole month of June, I took Laurel over this morning, so I could as I told M this morning, "Get a grip." That makes life sound a bit more dramatic than perhaps it is. We're busy in a normal kind of family way, with two parents working and a constantly-on-the-go-toddler. It's not like we never have problems (I am shocked when a week goes by and we don't have a plumbing disaster, small fire, injury or illness.), but everybody's alive and well.

I think today everybody in the house was grateful for alarms that went off after 6:00am and having had three nights in a row of pretty darn good and plentiful sleep. But I've been in survival mode for far too many months, and in a weird place emotionally where I can't seem to decide what I want to do with my life, and getting lunches packed and laundry folded seems insurmountable at times.

But who cares what you are going to do with your life when you can watch your daughter get a hooping lesson. This is from the concert at Hartwood last weekend.

During this past weekend we held a baby shower for M's sister. Laurel got to go swimming in a baby pool and the big pool and cried terribly when we made her get out, even though she was trembling from the cold. She demonstrated her utter lack of caution about deep water by walking straight off the edge of the pool.

Fearlessness was a theme of the weekend...I wish I had pictures of the moon bounce at our neighborhood picnic to show you. One of our neighbors owns a party rental business, so there were all of these inflatable moon bounces and mazes and climbing slides set up at the Park Place picnic. We let Laurel go in one, thinking she would be terrified. No way, quite the opposite, in fact. The bigger the kids around her, the higher she was bounced around and she loved it. Laurel is a vocal kid. She screams when she's excited. She figured out how to run around in there while mostly keeping her balance. During the whole rest of the day, when we asked her about the bounce house, she would wiggle up and down and start babbling excitedly.

I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer brings.

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