No, we don't want to share....

I grew up in the idyllic suburb of Hampton Township, recently named one of America's best towns for families by Family Circle Magazine. And yeah, it's a nice place to live. Green lawns. A nice park. Small schools.

I recently attended a networking event put on by Power of 32, which is encouraging a more regional vision than what is the norm in western PA. Hampton, like many municipalities where things are going well, has declared that it doesn't want to join with any other local governments. There are over 2,000 governing bodies in this region! People like local control here. But we could save a lot of money by merging public services.

But if you need another reason for a regional approach to government, regulation and development, you should watch this. If you live in this region, some of your neighbors are making deals with the gas man right now.


Anonymous said...

I love how engaged you are in what's going on around you.


k said...

Engaged? Not nearly enough. I'm just the kid on the sidelines pointing fingers.