And Now for Something Lighter

I thought I'd take a break from my current fixation on energy and regional development to express my love for the show Bethenny Getting Married.

I have long had a fascination with Bravo TV's "Real Housewives..." series. Watching the New Jersey series is like viewing a train wreck in slow motion. And to be clear, my life as a housewife is nothing like that (although often just as exciting, if not a little scarier.) Bethenny was on the Real Housewives of New York, which I could never really get into, but I love her on her own show. I'm watching the episode where Bethenny brings home her little baby, and her early adventures with nursing and figuring out car seats and watching her husband fall in love with his daughter reminds me so much of our early days with Laurel.

I like the way Bethenny comes across on television. It's a nice mixture of self-depricating humor and sarcasm and zest for life. Unlike most of the characters on Bravo, she seems like a real person, with flaws and strengths, and she's very self-aware. (Unlike Teresa Giudice on Real Housewives of New Jersey, who just leaves me going, "Wha???" after every episode.)

TV? I could take it or leave it. But as long as we're paying for the "triple play", I'm glad there's at least one show that appeals to both my maternal side and my sarcastic side.


Anonymous said...

I was also watching "Bethenny" last night. Just came across is channel surfing. I loved it. So touching when they were bringing the baby Bryn home!

Aunt Laine

Amy said...

Been watching it for a while now on Hulu and watched the "being a mom is hard" episode today at the gym. I could so relate as she said, "If I could only get one night of sleep...one night." Those early days of nursing still haunt me. I decided as I was watching her today that she goes into the mix of favorite "tv moms." :)

k said...

"Motherhood is no joke" is one of my favorite lines...and so true. Who knew a baby could cry for two months straight? Or that I could go NINE months with only two full night's sleep (I am hopeful that tonight will be number 3, but then again, I'm hopeful pretty much every night). Kids can kick your ass, that's for sure. But it's a good time nonetheless.