Dog Days

Man, this summer is hot. I went to see one of my tutoring clients yesterday and Laurel spent the afternoon at my mom's house. Some of the more popular attractions at my mom's house are the infamous "fridge DJ", teeny tiny cups for Laurel to drink out of, and a rotating selection of old, but excellently maintained toys. Yesterday, however, the popsicle was the big winner. My mom froze some diluted cranberry juice, and when I got back to her house they were sitting on the front porch, cooling off with a popsicle. Laurel did not even bat an eye when I arrived because she was so into this popsicle.

We ended up staying for dinner, and Laurel ate up the chickpea tomato sauce and pasta the rest of us had. (My dad used his stick blender to grind it up.) Laurel seems to like food that is seasoned better than bland and pureed baby food. When I make my own baby food, I leave some chunks in it so it has a little texture. She also loves yogurt. Beans don't seem to bother her.

Right now, she's doing a lot of pulling herself up to standing by holding on to furniture. Her other favorite "skill" to practice is laughing. She will make her own little laughing noises and try to get you to join in. She loves being tickled under her arms.

She's been babbling for a while, but we're starting to see her distinguish sounds...who will be the first to be called by name? Hmmmm, that's a timeless debate. My mom reported that when she showed Laurel a picture of M, Laurel said "dada". I've also heard her say "dada" at bedtime when I'm putting her to bed (usually M does it).

Watching a child develop right in front of me is one of the most amazing things I've ever had the privilege of witnessing. I think any parent can attest to the daily joys. But does it make life better?

The debate over parenting and happiness is chronicled here. As M and I read it over this morning, we found lots of things that resonated with us. (And the photographs in the article are very interesting - be sure to check them out.)

Having your first child at 30 is a lot different than starting at 22. I think we have a better capacity to reflect on how things are going. However, having a baby has hampered my career, interfered with some of my most valued friendships, completely changed the amount and way we travel, and complicates pretty much every small action of my day...from laundry to solving problems that come up like running out of gas or making phone calls to handle household business. I'm not saying it sucks...just that it's a big transition.


Anonymous said...

Let me know when your Mom breaks out the ColorForms. She used to go "crazy" if a piece was missing.
Aunt Laine

Joe said...

Hi Katy,
Interesting attachment. One on the main reasons Aunt Donna and I decided to have kids at age 25 was because of how much we enjoyed you as a baby. Our decision was not logical, rather it was purely emotional. We enjoyed Heather so much, Lisa and Eric quickly followed and by the time we were 30 we were a family of 5. I did not see that coming as I am pretty analytical and it didn't fit any equation. I relive many of those memories through your blog and the pictures Aunt Lainey sends of her grand kids. I love the technology and feel like I am in the loop.
Uncle Joe