A visit and a snowstorm...

Danna made it in to Pittsburgh, just ahead of the snowstorm. My parents picked her up at the airport and brought her here to meet Laurel. But by the time we finished dinner it was too treacherous for them to leave, so we're all still snowed in here! Here's a picture of Danna's first encounter with her niece.

There is an incredible amount of snow here. M and my dad spent all morning digging us out, and it's still not all gone! No way will we get a ticket from the city for Failure to Remove Snow! They already attacked the front sidewalk. Our street has not even been plowed yet! The problem is what do we do with all this snow on our tiny city lot? Our yard is already full of snow.


Anonymous said...

How fun to be stranded together in this monumental snow storm! Glad "Aunt" Danna made it in!
Aunt DC

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I predict great things ahead for Laurel and her Aunt Danna. Just think of all that Danna learned from her Aunts Denise and Elaine. She can now pass that on to Laurel. I wonder where Denise and Elaine got it all ????

Love, Aunt Mary