I'm starting to go a little nuts here. Laurel and I went down to campus yesterday, in an attempt to resume our regular schedule. It took us almost 2 hours on the 71C to get there. Traffic on Penn Avenue was just inching along. Luckily Laurel took the opportunity to nap, but I didn't go in today. I didn't want to risk her needing to eat or get a diaper change en route. Not that I'm opposed to nursing in public, but when we're all bundled up on a crowded bus, I don't think it would work.

So here we are, sitting inside for yet another day. It would be difficult for us to walk down to Regent Square or Squirrel Hill because the side walks are in really bad shape. To go anywhere in a car would probably take forever on account of the traffic on Penn Avenue. I think we'll head over the Co-op in a little while.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Cabin fever with a baby. Good luck. If it gets really bad I come come out there with a hairdryer and help you melt the snow.

k said...

That would only hasten the inevitable flooding that is heading our way once this snow starts melting.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you need a change of scene. How about a vacation taking you slightly south? Sidewalks to the downtown mall are clear. Laurel could get to know Sadie.

Your Virginia aunt