So Big

Laurel is changing so much everyday. She's definitely out of that newborn stage and is a fun and inquisitive baby. We went to the bookstore yesterday and the book sellers were all laughing about how much she seems to like to read. It's so amazing to me that four months ago she was inside of me! (Glad she came out then, and at that size. Haha!) She has recently discovered her toes, and anytime she gets her diaper changed, she makes an attempt to get them into her mouth. It's so interesting to get to know her...even though she can't speak yet, she is somehow able to communicate so much.


Anonymous said...

Love the boots! She is ready for the Appalacian Trail.

Aunt Laine

Anonymous said...

Wow she really is getting big :) (and continues to bring a smile to my face).
Aunt DC