Pitt, you suck, too!

Ok, ok. Pitt did close down for the first time since 9/11, so props for that.

However, it would be very helpful if you would actually let people know, so they don't clog up the roads trying to get in to work!

We found out about the highly unusual closure through the rumor mill. I think M got a text from one of our friends. It was during the Super Bowl, but I checked my email and the University web site and saw nothing. I also checked my phone for an official text, since I subscribe to the Emergency Notification system. Nothing there either. I still haven't received anything. They did post a message to the university website, but they put it in very unobtrusive text in the "News" sidebar, where the other stories are things like "Dr. So and So to lecture at the School of Public Health" and "GPSA collecting toiletries for Haiti". Not exactly the place I would look for urgent notification. At least put it in red or something. A message did finally show up on my.pitt.edu today, but well after the time I would have started off for work had I not known about the closure through other means.

M and I ventured out to go to the chiropractor this afternoon and it is still a sloppy mess. It's obvious where the snow plows have come through because there are banks of snow on the curb. We didn't go too far, but were wondering how Public Works can, in good conscience, claim that they have cleared all primary arteries. It's so obvious that Penn and Braddock Avenues have not been treated at all. And with the sunshine melting the top layer of hard packed snow, I expect another night of icy streets.

Tomorrow's forecast has another winter weather warning, and I can't wait to see what another 6-10 inches on top of the hard-packed snow covered roads will do to traffic.

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