Two Month Check Up

Parents, you know the two month check up means shots. The first time you hold your little baby down as she smiles lovingly up at your face...until she is stabbed in the thigh with a needle. And then there are two more. This is one more way that parenting has surprised me...I totally cried when Laurel got her shots, although, admittedly, not as hard as Laurel did. I have never seen Laurel howl like this. Well, maybe the night before we discovered the soothing powers of the hair dryer. But it was pretty bad. Beet red, and gasping for air, she made the loudest yell she could. Props to the nurse, who did the whole thing quickly.

Laurel has an outgoing personality. She lets us know when she needs a diaper change - which is usually about 3 seconds after she peed. She wails when she has gas. She weeps when she is tired. And then of course there are the happy noises - something that sounds almost like laughing when she looks at her monkeys or lion toys, coos when she is smiling at one of us.

A long walk home in the snow helped us both feel better, and we have successfully crossed another milestone.

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Anonymous said...

Those "shots" are gut-wrenching. I always hated that part. I couldn't help but cry myself whenever they got one.
Keep up the good work, you are a terrific mother and Laurel is very lucky to have you! :-)
aunt laine