I'm going to totally jinx myself, but...

I can't help it. I have to tell you that Laurel has slept the last two nights, just like the babies in the books. Of course, she doesn't sleep the whole night long, but I have no problem getting up to feed her, if she agrees to go back to sleep when she's done. Anyway, I have been really working hard to make sure she gets good, long, restful naps during the day, which is what my book, The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley, said would improve night-time sleep. And so it has, thus far.

Already 10 weeks old, Laurel is very much alert and into looking around the world when she is awake. She likes to be held upright and peer over our shoulders to look at cars going by. She's getting very vocal, and seems to be learning to control her voice a little bit...sounds besides "cry" come out. She also can kind of use her hands to knock her favorite toy around, although she can't really grab it. She has mastered the art of sucking on them though, so there's always slobber all over the place!

My absolute favorite thing is when she wakes up and sees me and a big smile rolls across her face, as if she is genuinely surprised and glad to see me. She does it practically every single time. I also think it's funny how she covers her eyes with her hands when she nurses. I love that she really looks at the pictures when I read her a book, and how she smiles and kicks her legs when I turn on the monkey mobile. Happy 10 week birthday, Laurel!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Laurel, I knew you could do it. What a great baby you are! Keep up the good work. Love,
Aunt Mary