Laurel's First Yoga Class

Outside the womb, that is. I went to yoga all the time when I was pregnant. Yesterday we hit up the "Mommy and Me" yoga class at Schoolhouse Yoga.

This was like no other yoga class I have ever been to. Usually I go to yoga for the quiet. But introduce a few newborns, a couple of crawling infants and a crew of toddlers, and "quiet" is the least descriptive word possible.

The class is two parts. The first part is for the "mommies" and theoretically, your little one is supposed to lay next to you on the mat, while you do Sun Salutations over her. This was only moderately successful, as Laurel preferred to be in my arms nursing for at least half of that part. She did seem to get a brief kick out of me doing a series of planks over her. The second part of the class had positions for moms and babies to do together. This involved holding Laurel and doing a lot of squatting, which she liked a lot, and I think it was a good workout for me, which I am in desperate need of.

The funniest part was at the end, when all the moms chanted a brief "om". Every single child in that room was lulled into peaceful silence...except Laurel. Her lip quivered and then she went into a full-on wail. It was kind of hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see my Great Niece doesn't blindly follow the rest of the pack! Love to all, Aunt DC

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you didn't collapse (as I sometimes do) during plank.

Love, Aunt Mary