Madison, Wisconsin

Well, we did not get to drink beer out of a boot, but Madison was still a lovely place to stop. Home of the University of Wisconsin, the World Famous Triangle Market, and of course, our friend, Rocco, Madison has a population of about 200,000. This town lives for the (name of team), cheese and beer. We were entertained by Rocco’s stories of the Capital Brewery Fish Toss, frozen lakes and his scientific research.

Verdict on Nepali food? Well, our party had mixed reviews, but in general it would be hard to beat our meal earlier that day at the Chicago Diner. The only other patrons were bone-skinny white ladies dressed in ethnic print; it was about as Madison as you can get. College towns seem to be even more Liberal than usual when surrounded by corn country.

Rocco gets a 10. We’re still waiting on your quote.

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