Sending them Off

Now that M is working just a few miles down the road from our house, he's been walking to work and dropping Laurel off at daycare along the way. The sun is barely rising when they set off, all bundled up in boots and hats and gloves. On the really cold days, Laurel wears a balaclava and looks like a little ninja. Today, it was only 18 degrees. I hear about bits and pieces of their antics when we are back together for dinner. Snowball fights and stopping at John and Maggie's corner store for coffee and fruit cups. Greeting the crossing guard and petting all of Laurel's favorite dogs, out for their morning walks.

Today was a right-side-of-bed kind of day. I woke up at 5, and being totally awake, decided to do a little work then. I swear my body is starting to get ready for sleeping in 2-3 hour stretches. Laurel woke up at 6 and came downstairs to get me. I asked her if we should wake M up, but she said, "Maybe we make him some coffee first." Good idea.

Now the house is quiet and I have to exercise extreme self-control to keep plugging away at work. Strategy number one is to make all the beds first thing, so I am not tempted to crawl back in. Strategy number two is to get dressed all the way, so that I do not find myself in pajamas at noon. Strategy number three is to work in 45 minute segments, taking a 10 minute dance party break after each one. I'm all about the Prince today.

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