Nap Gamble and Other Parenting Adventures

M reads scary Norse myths to Laurel every night. "Mips," she calls them. I have a hard time following the stories myself, so I'm not sure what she's getting out of it, but it's a welcome change from Thomas the Tank Engine, and she listens in rapt attention.

Laurel did many things on purpose to piss me off today. I'm sure of it. I would say that 99% of the time I can figure out a behavior for a kid and it means something...a need they are trying to meet, or perhaps they are simply solving a problem in a way that doesn't make sense to us and it looks like a misbehavior. But there's the 1% of the time when the kid is actually looking at you, eyes all twinkly and daring, and you can tell...they just want to get your goat. For their own entertainment.

It started with stripping off all of her clothes and rubbing her butt on the couch cushions. I was able to stop her before she dumped out the paint water and paintbrushes. But while I was cleaning up, she busted into the pantry and stole a box of cheddar bunnies 10 minutes before dinner and then shoved them in great handfuls into her mouth while I chased her around the house. And by chase, I mean shuffle, because I am nine months pregnant and very slow and rather wide.

On Sunday, we had a delightful day at Phipps Conservatory. So delightful that we pressed our luck a bit and ate at the cafe and then went to the library to get some books. By the time we got home, Laurel was glassy eyed and whiny. She took a very long nap, which resulted in a very delayed bedtime and we were reminded that messing with naps and bedtimes usually has consequences that last many days and may or may not be worth it. When we were on the self-employed train, we just slept in and all was fine the next day. But now we have to stick to a 6 am alarm.

I can't do much of anything right now without wondering what it will be like with another kid in the mix. Despite all the antics tonight, I was able to throw together a delicious, well-balanced dinner (roasted cauliflower and sundried tomatoes over GF pasta and a salad). How will I keep Laurel entertained and clothed during dinner prep, while I'm nursing a newborn? We will probably just eat cheddar bunnies for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Has Aunt DC been spending time with Laurel?

That picture with her mouth stretched looks familiar.

Aunt Mary