And then there was a dance party....

The morning seemed particularly dark today. The days are supposed to be inching longer as spring approaches, but it's still January and 6 am is still very early. We ignored the alarms and woke up slow, scrolling through the New York Times on my phone from bed, waiting to hear Laurel stir. A cup of coffee for M and rooibos tea for me. A "ba-waffle" for Laurel, with plenty of jam. Lots and lots of oranges. Laurel shouted from dream-land on and off all night, but seemed to wake up refreshed. She got to wear her favorite skirt, and the fight over brushing her teeth was less dramatic than usual. For some reason, she suddenly hates the taste of virtually all toothpaste, even the sweet children's brand. I found something to wear that actually fits, good since I have two meetings to attend today.

M and Laurel set out for school and work. She blows kisses enthusiastically while I wave from inside. Yesterday she snuck a harmonica into her lunchbox when we were not looking, so I frisked her before she left. ("Only one teacher laughed, Mama. Other teachers took it away.")

And while we got ready there was a dance party. Are you reading from your office? Close the door right now, hit play, and move your body. I guarantee you will feel better after.

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